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91431 132 days ollie27 Handle notable trait popup differently GuillaumeGomez ollie27 T-rustdoc, S-waiting-on-review 2022-01-10
91735 132 days rustdoc: make icons more consistent pitaj GuillaumeGomez T-rustdoc, S-blocked, A-rustdoc-ui 2022-01-10
90673 132 days the8472 [experiment] perf-test smallvec optimizations the8472 S-waiting-on-author, S-waiting-on-perf, perf-regression 2022-01-10
91031 132 days [crater experiment] do the opposite of what zip side-effect documentation currently guarantees the8472 S-waiting-on-review 2022-01-10
87650 132 days Aaron1011 [WIP] Build the compiler with a single CGU Aaron1011 Aaron1011 T-compiler, S-waiting-on-author, perf-regression 2022-01-10
89357 132 days m-ou-se [experiment] Make `Cell<T>::update` work for `T: Default | Copy`. m-ou-se m-ou-se T-libs-api, S-waiting-on-review, S-experimental 2022-01-10
88203 132 days Make specifying repr optional for fieldless enums fee1-dead matthewjasper T-lang, T-compiler, S-waiting-on-team 2022-01-10
87710 132 days [DO NOT MERGE] `-Zthir-unsafeck` perf LeSeulArtichaut S-experimental, perf-regression 2022-01-10
88288 132 days hkratz Experimental new MIR optimization pass: Replace wildcard match with individual matches hkratz cjgillot S-waiting-on-author, perf-regression 2022-01-10
90447 132 days rustdoc: Remove `Crate.primitives` camelid GuillaumeGomez C-cleanup, T-rustdoc, S-blocked 2022-01-10
89553 132 days Add trait object safety information on trait documentation page GuillaumeGomez jsha T-rustdoc, I-needs-decision, S-waiting-on-team, A-rustdoc-ui 2022-01-10
89056 132 days make member constraints pick static if no upper bounds nikomatsakis lqd T-compiler, S-blocked 2022-01-10
89570 132 days Nadrieril [Experiment] Split exhaustiveness logic into its own crate Nadrieril S-waiting-on-author, A-exhaustiveness-checking, S-experimental, perf-regression 2022-01-10
86699 132 days matthewjasper Allow reifying intrinsics to `fn` pointers. eddyb matthewjasper T-lang, S-waiting-on-review, disposition-merge, finished-final-comment-period 2022-01-10
85208 132 days Constant::eq skips spans spastorino oli-obk T-compiler, S-experimental 2022-01-10
85927 132 days Add `std::panic::drop_unwind` SabrinaJewson m-ou-se T-libs-api, S-blocked 2022-01-10
85696 132 days Fix `Ipv6Addr::is_unicast_global` to check for unicast global scope CDirkx joshtriplett T-libs-api, S-blocked, A-io 2022-01-10
83493 132 days Add `impl Into<!> for Infallible` faern kennytm T-lang, T-libs-api, relnotes, S-blocked, needs-fcp 2022-01-10
69741 132 days Perform WF-check on `type`s with no type parameters estebank varkor T-lang, S-waiting-on-team 2022-01-10
79500 132 days Add support for custom allocator for `(C)String` TimDiekmann Amanieu A-allocators, T-libs-api, S-blocked 2022-01-10
84045 132 days Deny float matches workingjubilee Mark-Simulacrum A-lint, T-lang, S-waiting-on-team, A-patterns, A-floating-point 2022-01-10
72571 132 days [WIP] Pietro's CI playground pietroalbini S-experimental 2022-01-10
82632 132 days ci: musl: upgrade to 1.2.2 kaniini pietroalbini A-testsuite, T-infra, S-blocked 2022-01-10
72981 132 days Stabilize the backtrace feature. withoutboats kennytm T-libs-api, relnotes, S-blocked, PG-error-handling 2022-01-10
92043 128 days Implement namespacing for doc comments IDs GuillaumeGomez camelid T-rustdoc, relnotes, S-blocked, needs-fcp 2022-01-15
90584 117 days Added support for PlayStation Vita amg98 T-compiler, S-blocked 2022-01-25
86826 112 days m-ou-se [draft] Store the path in io::Error without extra allocations. m-ou-se m-ou-se T-libs-api, S-waiting-on-author, A-error-handling, T-libs, A-io, PG-error-handling, S-experimental 2022-01-31
92700 110 days Warn when casting an enum that is fieldless but not C-like nbdd0121 T-lang, T-compiler, S-waiting-on-team 2022-02-01
94099 94 days hkratz DO NOT MERGE: Try using stacker fast path optimization hkratz T-compiler, S-waiting-on-review, S-waiting-on-author, perf-regression 2022-02-18
84022 93 days Make PROC_MACRO_DERIVE_RESOLUTION_FALLBACK a hard error Aaron1011 I-needs-decision, T-compiler, S-experimental 2022-02-19
86647 93 days Fix autoborrowing when coercing to a mutable raw pointer FabianWolff Aaron1011 T-lang, S-waiting-on-team 2022-02-19
82489 91 days Add #[rustc_per_edition] for edition-dependent type aliases. m-ou-se A-typesystem, T-lang, T-libs-api, T-libs, S-experimental 2022-02-20
83915 90 days Enforce `Sized` return types on `Fn*` bounds estebank nikomatsakis A-typesystem, T-compiler, S-blocked 2022-02-21
75185 90 days [WIP] polymorphisation: re-enable davidtwco lcnr T-compiler, S-blocked, A-polymorphization 2022-02-21
92845 90 days Amanieu Move EH personality functions to std Amanieu Mark-Simulacrum S-waiting-on-author 2022-02-21
90139 89 days Avoid adjusting TLS data twice for queries cjgillot Mark-Simulacrum T-compiler, S-blocked, perf-regression 2022-02-22
87047 88 days Svetlitski Add `impl` to collect an iterator of `Result<T,E>` into `(Collection<T>, Collection<E>)` Svetlitski joshtriplett T-libs-api, S-waiting-on-author, needs-fcp 2022-02-23
89708 87 days Introduce MIR summary to avoid loading large bodies without inlining them cjgillot wesleywiser T-compiler, S-blocked, perf-regression 2022-02-24
75594 86 days [WIP] Content hash support. (See also cargo changes) gilescope S-blocked 2022-02-25
92284 85 days yaahc Change advance(_back)_by to return `usize` instead of `Result<(), usize>` the8472 yaahc T-libs-api, S-waiting-on-review 2022-02-26
78991 84 days Aaron1011 Parse bang macro as a statement when used in trailing expr position Aaron1011 petrochenkov T-compiler, S-waiting-on-author 2022-02-27
78781 84 days eddyb Integrate measureme's hardware performance counter support. eddyb oli-obk T-compiler, S-waiting-on-author 2022-02-27
85805 83 days joshtriplett Wrap libraries in linker groups, allowing backwards/circular references joshtriplett petrochenkov T-compiler, S-waiting-on-author 2022-02-28
93429 81 days oli-obk [WIP] Allow `trait A: ~const B` fee1-dead oli-obk T-compiler, S-waiting-on-review, S-blocked, const-hack 2022-03-02
92228 81 days fee1-dead Add an implicit `Self: ~const Trait` bound on `default_method_body_is_const` methods fee1-dead oli-obk T-compiler, S-waiting-on-author 2022-03-02
94301 81 days cjgillot Include source file hash in crate_hash. cjgillot Aaron1011 T-compiler, S-waiting-on-author 2022-03-02
94489 80 days wesleywiser Re-enable debuginfo tests that have been ignored wesleywiser Mark-Simulacrum A-testsuite, A-debuginfo, S-waiting-on-author 2022-03-03
92744 80 days Check if enum from foreign crate has any non exhaustive variants when attempting a cast lambinoo jackh726 T-lang, S-waiting-on-team, disposition-merge, finished-final-comment-period, needs-fcp 2022-03-03
88561 80 days kennytm Allow redirecting command stdout to stderr etc. (help wanted) ijackson kennytm E-easy, O-windows, T-libs-api, E-help-wanted, S-waiting-on-review, needs-fcp 2022-03-03
93518 80 days [rustdoc-json] JSON no longer inlines CraftSpider jsha T-rustdoc, S-blocked, A-rustdoc-json 2022-03-04
94360 79 days jsha Support links in headings GuillaumeGomez jsha T-rustdoc, S-waiting-on-review, needs-fcp, A-rustdoc-ui 2022-03-04
88101 79 days pnkfelix [WIP] parameterize `-C prefer-dynamic` pnkfelix petrochenkov T-compiler, S-waiting-on-author 2022-03-04
71482 78 days estebank Remove inherited `#[stable(..)]` annotations estebank joshtriplett C-cleanup, T-libs-api, S-waiting-on-author 2022-03-06
92503 78 days Aaron1011 Allow recovering `symbol_name` query when there are no substs Aaron1011 petrochenkov T-compiler, S-waiting-on-author 2022-03-06
85918 78 days Aaron1011 Enable `-Zincremental-verify-ich` when building compiler crates Aaron1011 Mark-Simulacrum A-incr-comp, S-waiting-on-author, T-infra 2022-03-06
83785 77 days wesleywiser [mir-opt] Optimize calls to CopyNonOverlapping wesleywiser bjorn3 T-compiler, S-waiting-on-author, A-mir-opt 2022-03-07
94732 75 days Make `Encodable` and `Encoder` infallible. nnethercote T-rustdoc, T-compiler, S-waiting-on-review 2022-03-08
94831 73 days Link to stabilization section in std-dev-guide for library tracking issue template yaahc Dylan-DPC S-blocked 2022-03-11
92413 71 days [DO NOT MERGE] Forbid `unused_lifetimes` lint for Crater run Aaron1011 davidtwco T-compiler, S-experimental 2022-03-12
87316 69 days m-ou-se Error when proc macro derive output doesn't fully parse m-ou-se petrochenkov A-parser, A-macros, T-compiler, S-waiting-on-author, C-bug, A-proc-macros 2022-03-15
90291 67 days kennytm Loosen the bound on the Debug implementation of Weak. geeklint kennytm T-libs-api, S-waiting-on-review, proposed-final-comment-period, disposition-merge, needs-fcp 2022-03-16
91866 67 days pierwill Enforce that UNTRACKED options are not accessed by queries pierwill bjorn3 T-compiler, S-waiting-on-author 2022-03-16
88991 67 days Add Nintendo Switch as tier 3 target jam1garner wesleywiser T-compiler, S-blocked 2022-03-16
84385 66 days Aaron1011 Enforce that `closure: 'a` requires that `closure_ret_ty: 'a` holds Aaron1011 nikomatsakis A-closures, T-compiler, relnotes, S-waiting-on-author 2022-03-17
84762 66 days cjgillot Encode spans relative to the enclosing item -- enable by default cjgillot petrochenkov T-compiler, S-waiting-on-author, perf-regression 2022-03-18
95062 65 days Revert "Use implicit capture syntax in format_args" Dylan-DPC T-rustdoc, T-compiler, S-waiting-on-review 2022-03-18
94909 65 days GuillaumeGomez 'Notable Trait Implementations' doc section conradludgate GuillaumeGomez T-rustdoc, S-waiting-on-review 2022-03-19
93275 64 days Aaron1011 Remove pretty-print compat hack for all crates Aaron1011 jackh726 T-compiler, S-waiting-on-author 2022-03-20
91295 64 days cjgillot Remove eval_always for privacy_access_levels. cjgillot Aaron1011 T-compiler, S-waiting-on-author, perf-regression 2022-03-20
91296 64 days cjgillot Remove eval_always for check_private_in_public. cjgillot Aaron1011 T-compiler, S-waiting-on-author, perf-regression 2022-03-20
90946 64 days GuillaumeGomez Ignore `reference`s in "Type::inner_def_id" GuillaumeGomez Manishearth T-rustdoc, S-waiting-on-author 2022-03-20
89455 64 days hkmatsumoto Introduce linter for diagnostic messages hkmatsumoto estebank T-compiler, S-waiting-on-author 2022-03-20
93467 64 days Aaron1011 [WIP] Add `HashStableEq` trait, and use it in query code Aaron1011 estebank T-compiler, S-waiting-on-author, perf-regression 2022-03-20
90581 64 days cjgillot Remove eval_always for privacy. cjgillot Aaron1011 T-compiler, S-waiting-on-author, perf-regression 2022-03-20
90125 64 days TaKO8Ki Fix false positive for typoed crate or module suggestion TaKO8Ki estebank T-compiler, S-waiting-on-author 2022-03-20
92793 64 days ecstatic-morse Deduplicate bounds on associated types when deriving ecstatic-morse wesleywiser T-compiler, S-waiting-on-author 2022-03-20
81746 64 days bjorn3 Distribute cg_clif as rustup component on the nightly channel bjorn3 Mark-Simulacrum T-compiler, S-waiting-on-author, A-cranelift 2022-03-20
93896 64 days jsha rustdoc: make item-infos dimmer on dark theme jsha GuillaumeGomez T-rustdoc, S-waiting-on-author, A-rustdoc-themes 2022-03-20
92339 64 days camelid rustdoc: Also index `impl Trait`s and raw pointers camelid GuillaumeGomez T-rustdoc, S-waiting-on-author, A-rustdoc-search 2022-03-20
94830 63 days jyn514 bootstrap: add rust-toolchain to the root directory jyn514 Mark-Simulacrum S-waiting-on-author 2022-03-20
95052 61 days pierwill [WIP] Add duplicate trait bound lint pierwill lcnr T-compiler, S-waiting-on-author 2022-03-22
94238 61 days Erase trivial caller-bounds when typechecking MIR after optimizations compiler-errors nikomatsakis T-compiler, S-experimental 2022-03-23
92449 60 days Correctly check auto traits on generator interiors compiler-errors nikomatsakis T-compiler, S-experimental 2022-03-24
93070 59 days michaelwoerister debuginfo: Don't emit DW_AT_address_class attribute for pointer type debuginfo. michaelwoerister cuviper A-debuginfo, T-compiler, S-waiting-on-author 2022-03-25
95292 59 days Allow specialized const trait impls. BGR360 lcnr A-traits, T-compiler, A-specialization, S-blocked, F-specialization, F-const_trait_impl 2022-03-25
83724 57 days Add targets that were missing in rustc Sycration joshtriplett T-compiler, A-target-specs, S-blocked 2022-03-26
95265 53 days compiler-errors Use `ReEmpty(Universe::MAX)` for trivial outlives constraint compiler-errors jackh726 T-compiler, S-waiting-on-author 2022-03-30
82014 51 days jyn514 [WIP] Intra-doc links side of warning about undocumented items jyn514 T-rustdoc, A-diagnostics, S-waiting-on-author, A-intra-doc-links, S-experimental 2022-04-01
93664 51 days kennytm impl<T> From<Option<&T>> for *const T kupiakos kennytm T-libs-api, S-waiting-on-review, needs-fcp 2022-04-02
93397 50 days joshtriplett Add `[f32]::sort_floats` and `[f64]::sort_floats` joshtriplett kennytm T-rustdoc, T-libs-api, T-compiler, S-waiting-on-author 2022-04-03
94932 49 days TaKO8Ki Suggest adding a `=>` after match guard TaKO8Ki estebank T-compiler, S-waiting-on-author 2022-04-03
83363 47 days Implement new proc macro diagnostics API jhpratt yaahc T-libs-api, S-blocked, A-proc-macros 2022-04-05
90328 47 days yaahc Move the Error trait into core (without `fn backtrace`) yaahc spastorino T-compiler, S-waiting-on-author 2022-04-05
95181 46 days jswrenn Fix #95126: io::cleanup() can panic in unusual circumstances jswrenn Mark-Simulacrum T-compiler, S-waiting-on-author 2022-04-06
95703 46 days Reverts Mention implementers of unsatisfied trait Dylan-DPC T-compiler, S-waiting-on-review 2022-04-06
94487 45 days Also cache the stable hash of interned Predicates oli-obk T-compiler, S-experimental 2022-04-07
95049 45 days [crater only] Stabilize never type, always falling back to ! Mark-Simulacrum T-compiler, S-experimental 2022-04-07
91072 45 days camelid rustdoc: Remove distinction between "regular" and "collapsed" docs camelid GuillaumeGomez C-cleanup, T-rustdoc, S-waiting-on-author 2022-04-07
91853 45 days jackh726 Warn for outlives lint when gats are enabled for non-gats jackh726 nikomatsakis T-compiler, S-waiting-on-author 2022-04-08
92433 44 days Make it possible to have `const` `impl`s for `Iterator` fee1-dead T-rustdoc, T-libs-api, T-compiler, S-blocked, const-hack 2022-04-09
93967 43 days Shorten def_span for more items. cjgillot petrochenkov T-compiler, S-blocked 2022-04-09
95007 42 days Chrezon [WIP] rustc_mir_transform: Add extra ConstProp pass to fold constants at end of MIR-opt Chrezon nagisa T-compiler, S-waiting-on-author 2022-04-10
91314 42 days Add suggestion to diagnostic when user has array but trait wants slice. BGR360 davidtwco T-compiler, S-blocked 2022-04-10
95891 42 days Make source_map a query. cjgillot T-rustdoc, T-compiler, S-waiting-on-review, perf-regression 2022-04-10
87896 42 days Aaron1011 Protect crate metadata from corruption via SHA-256 hash Aaron1011 cjgillot T-compiler, S-waiting-on-author, perf-regression 2022-04-11
92044 42 days Aaron1011 Discard region-related bounds from `ParamEnv` when predicate is global Aaron1011 jackh726 T-compiler, S-waiting-on-author, perf-regression 2022-04-11
93460 42 days joshtriplett compiletest: Set RUST_BACKTRACE=1 to make compiler panics easier to debug joshtriplett Mark-Simulacrum S-waiting-on-author 2022-04-11
93331 42 days pnkfelix refactor write_output_file to merge two invocation paths into one. pnkfelix oli-obk T-compiler, S-waiting-on-author 2022-04-11
85799 42 days estebank Tweak spans for trait bounds on associated types estebank jackh726 T-compiler, S-waiting-on-author 2022-04-11
92268 42 days jswrenn Initial implementation of transmutability trait. jswrenn oli-obk T-compiler, S-waiting-on-author 2022-04-11
95884 41 days cjgillot Thinner `AssocItem` cjgillot T-rustdoc, T-compiler, S-waiting-on-author 2022-04-11
90006 41 days estebank More accurate error for binop errors after identifying RHS type estebank petrochenkov T-compiler, S-waiting-on-author, perf-regression 2022-04-11
95965 41 days joshtriplett Stabilize const-weak-new CAD97 joshtriplett T-libs-api, S-waiting-on-review, needs-fcp 2022-04-12
92249 40 days matthewjasper Replace jemalloc with mimalloc fee1-dead matthewjasper T-rustdoc, T-compiler, S-waiting-on-review 2022-04-12
92323 39 days Sort MonoItems by span instead of DefIndex. cjgillot estebank T-compiler, S-blocked, perf-regression 2022-04-13
95888 39 days cjgillot Use a sparse encoding for metadata tables cjgillot T-compiler, S-waiting-on-review, S-waiting-on-author, perf-regression 2022-04-13
94667 38 days yaahc Add `Iterator::map_windows` frank-king yaahc T-libs-api, S-waiting-on-review 2022-04-14
95696 38 days cbiffle Reenable debuginfo tests cbiffle wesleywiser T-compiler, S-waiting-on-author 2022-04-14
85673 37 days csmoe RFC-2841: add codegen flag export symbols from executable csmoe bjorn3 T-compiler, S-waiting-on-author 2022-04-15
95710 37 days joshtriplett Stabilize arbitrary_enum_discriminant, take 2 fee1-dead joshtriplett T-lang, S-waiting-on-review, needs-fcp 2022-04-15
92051 37 days pcwalton rustc_mir_transform: Add a local value numbering pass, off by default. pcwalton ecstatic-morse T-compiler, S-waiting-on-author, A-mir-opt 2022-04-15
95041 35 days TaKO8Ki Improve error message for `impl Self` TaKO8Ki nagisa T-compiler, S-waiting-on-author 2022-04-17
92728 35 days Don't over-constrain projections in generic method signatures jackh726 nikomatsakis T-compiler, S-experimental 2022-04-17
92951 33 days lambinoo Track inlined items and merge their docstrings when creating clean attributes lambinoo GuillaumeGomez T-rustdoc, S-waiting-on-author 2022-04-19
95880 33 days cjgillot Handle `def_ident_span` like `def_span`. cjgillot petrochenkov T-compiler, S-waiting-on-author, perf-regression 2022-04-19
95392 33 days std: Stabilize feature try_reserve_2 Xuanwo dtolnay T-libs-api, S-blocked 2022-04-20
95942 32 days skippy10110 Experiment: Apply ```#[deprecated_safe]``` to ```env::set_var```/```env::remove_var``` skippy10110 lcnr T-compiler, S-waiting-on-author 2022-04-21
96313 30 days joshtriplett WIP: Document `From` implementations in std::sys::unix::process LordRatte joshtriplett S-waiting-on-review, T-libs 2022-04-22
94177 30 days wesleywiser Fix `SimplifyArmIdentity` MIR opt JakobDegen wesleywiser T-compiler, S-waiting-on-review, perf-regression 2022-04-22
91546 29 days Jules-Bertholet Implement additional `split_inclusive` variants for slices Jules-Bertholet m-ou-se T-libs-api, S-waiting-on-author 2022-04-23
95503 29 days bootstrap: Allow building individual crates jyn514 Mark-Simulacrum S-blocked 2022-04-23
93243 28 days the8472 Use TrustedRandomAccess for loop desugaring the8472 Mark-Simulacrum T-libs-api, S-waiting-on-author, T-libs, perf-regression 2022-04-24
96208 28 days m-ou-se Add test for crt-static+lto+rwlock issue. m-ou-se Mark-Simulacrum T-compiler, S-waiting-on-author 2022-04-24
96350 28 days yaahc fix(iter::skip): Optimize `next` and `nth` implementations of `Skip` austinabell yaahc S-waiting-on-review, T-libs 2022-04-24
89685 28 days joshtriplett refactor: VecDeques Iter fields to private DeveloperC286 joshtriplett C-cleanup, S-waiting-on-review, T-libs 2022-04-24
94823 28 days Reapply: Mark drop calls in landing pads cold instead of noinline erikdesjardins T-compiler, S-blocked 2022-04-24
93017 27 days cjgillot Compute stability by definition cjgillot lcnr T-rustdoc, T-compiler, S-waiting-on-author, perf-regression 2022-04-25
83748 27 days m-ou-se Add `dedup`, `dedup_by` and `dedup_by_key` to the `Iterator` trait slerpyyy m-ou-se T-libs-api, S-waiting-on-review 2022-04-25
96391 27 days joshtriplett Windows: make `Command` prefer non-verbatim paths ChrisDenton joshtriplett T-libs-api, S-waiting-on-review 2022-04-25
95198 27 days joshtriplett Add slice::{split_,}{first,last}_chunk{,_mut} clarfonthey joshtriplett T-libs-api, S-waiting-on-review 2022-04-25
95781 27 days Diagnose lifetime/label shadowing during late resolution cjgillot petrochenkov T-compiler, S-blocked, perf-regression 2022-04-25
95674 26 days jsha rustdoc: Fix events not being registered when navigating browser history GuillaumeGomez jsha T-rustdoc, S-waiting-on-review, A-rustdoc-js 2022-04-26
95371 26 days TaKO8Ki Suggest implementing `#[derive(PartialEq)]` for types in vectors and arrays TaKO8Ki cjgillot T-compiler, S-waiting-on-author 2022-04-27
92196 25 days the8472 Specialize Enumerate::fold for TrustedRandomAccess iterators the8472 m-ou-se S-waiting-on-author, T-libs, perf-regression 2022-04-27
89132 25 days m-ou-se Add support for allocators in `Rc` & `Arc` Cyborus04 m-ou-se A-allocators, T-libs-api, S-waiting-on-review, perf-regression 2022-04-28
94387 25 days estebank Add option to pass environment variables DrMeepster estebank T-compiler, S-waiting-on-review 2022-04-28
89213 24 days Kobzol WIP: Avoid storing captured upvars in generators twice if possible Kobzol oli-obk T-compiler, S-waiting-on-author 2022-04-28
95691 24 days jsha Add #![doc(html_in_header)] CAD97 jsha T-rustdoc, S-waiting-on-review 2022-04-28
94188 24 days hameerabbasi Deterministic `FxHashSet` wrapper hameerabbasi michaelwoerister T-compiler, S-waiting-on-author 2022-04-28
95755 24 days compiler-errors Don't consider predicates with HRTBs to be global during winnowing compiler-errors T-compiler, S-waiting-on-author 2022-04-28
94214 24 days nikic [perf only] Test Rust with opaque pointers nikic T-compiler, S-waiting-on-review, S-waiting-on-author, S-experimental, perf-regression 2022-04-28
94996 24 days TaKO8Ki Suggest using an appropriate keyword for `struct` and `enum` TaKO8Ki estebank T-compiler, S-waiting-on-author 2022-04-28
92116 24 days ibraheemdev Add `Future::poll_once` ibraheemdev joshtriplett T-libs-api, S-waiting-on-author, A-async-await 2022-04-29
96141 23 days gilescope more efficient is_ascii methods gilescope Mark-Simulacrum S-waiting-on-author, T-libs 2022-04-29
96412 23 days kennytm Windows: Iterative `remove_dir_all` ChrisDenton kennytm O-windows, S-waiting-on-review, T-libs 2022-04-29
95005 23 days kennytm BTree: evaluate static type-related check at compile time ssomers kennytm S-waiting-on-review, T-libs 2022-04-29
94069 23 days m-ou-se Restrict `Allocator` impl to `&'static A` djkoloski m-ou-se T-libs-api, S-waiting-on-review 2022-04-29
94114 23 days m-ou-se Relax `Allocator` bounds into pin-safe trait djkoloski m-ou-se T-libs-api, S-waiting-on-review 2022-04-29
92048 23 days dtolnay Add midpoint function for all integers and floating numbers Urgau dtolnay T-libs-api, S-waiting-on-review 2022-04-29
94890 23 days m-ou-se Support parsing IP addresses from a byte string marmeladema m-ou-se T-libs-api, S-waiting-on-review 2022-04-29
94607 23 days jsha Move theme picker button to the right and display it on all pages GuillaumeGomez jsha T-rustdoc, S-waiting-on-review, A-rustdoc-ui 2022-04-30
93162 22 days m-ou-se Std module docs improvements camsteffen m-ou-se S-waiting-on-review, T-libs 2022-04-30
96392 22 days estebank Update Mac Catalyst support for Clang 13 imWildCat estebank T-compiler, S-waiting-on-review 2022-05-01
88186 21 days Make AST->HIR lowering incremental cjgillot michaelwoerister T-rustdoc, T-compiler, S-blocked, perf-regression 2022-05-01
96051 21 days newpavlov Use rounding in float to Duration conversion methods newpavlov nagisa S-waiting-on-author, T-libs 2022-05-01
96416 21 days yaahc derive more traits for core::ops::ControlFlow canndrew yaahc C-enhancement, T-libs-api, S-waiting-on-review, needs-fcp 2022-05-01
96609 21 days m-ou-se Add `{Arc, Rc}::downcast_unchecked` ibraheemdev m-ou-se S-waiting-on-review, T-libs 2022-05-01
81075 21 days dtolnay BTree: add drain methods ssomers dtolnay T-libs-api, S-waiting-on-review 2022-05-01
96519 21 days GuillaumeGomez Fix links pointing to std_detect GuillaumeGomez Mark-Simulacrum T-rustdoc, S-waiting-on-author 2022-05-01
95209 21 days joshtriplett Enable -Z panic-in-drop=abort by default Amanieu joshtriplett T-lang, T-compiler, S-waiting-on-review 2022-05-02
94145 20 days joshtriplett Test leaking of BinaryHeap Drain iterators ssomers joshtriplett S-waiting-on-review, T-libs 2022-05-02
89157 20 days ollie27 Provide doc links at item definitions on source pages GuillaumeGomez ollie27 T-rustdoc, S-waiting-on-review, A-rustdoc-ui, A-rustdoc-js 2022-05-02
95295 20 days joshtriplett Enforce that layout size fits in isize in Layout CAD97 joshtriplett A-allocators, T-lang, T-libs-api, S-waiting-on-review, needs-fcp, A-layout, perf-regression 2022-05-02
96642 20 days yaahc Avoid zero-sized allocs in ThinBox if T and H are both ZSTs. thomcc yaahc S-waiting-on-review, T-libs 2022-05-03
77438 20 days Amanieu BTreeMap: Support custom allocators exrook Amanieu A-allocators, T-libs-api, S-waiting-on-review 2022-05-03
96612 20 days joshtriplett Add `range_of` to slice/str return a `Range`, opposite to `get` Swatinem joshtriplett T-libs-api, S-waiting-on-review 2022-05-03
90905 19 days jsha Add empty impl blocks if they have documentation GuillaumeGomez jsha T-rustdoc, S-waiting-on-review, A-rustdoc-ui 2022-05-03
89917 19 days sess: default to v0 symbol mangling davidtwco michaelwoerister T-compiler, S-blocked, perf-regression 2022-05-03
95770 19 days sfackler std::io: Modify some ReadBuf method signatures to return `&mut Self` nrc sfackler T-libs-api, S-waiting-on-review, A-io 2022-05-03
96691 19 days joshtriplett Use unchecked_add in checked_add to make it easier to optimize nico-abram joshtriplett S-waiting-on-review, T-libs 2022-05-04
96690 18 days yaahc Initial commit working on edition based method disambiguation yaahc petrochenkov T-rustdoc, T-compiler, S-waiting-on-author 2022-05-04
93966 18 days tmandry document expectations for Waker::wake rkuhn tmandry S-waiting-on-review, T-libs 2022-05-04
93359 18 days joshtriplett Add ReadBufRef DrMeepster joshtriplett T-libs-api, S-waiting-on-review, T-libs 2022-05-04
95115 18 days estebank `Clone` suggestions WaffleLapkin estebank C-enhancement, A-diagnostics, T-compiler, S-waiting-on-review, A-suggestion-diagnostics 2022-05-04
96719 18 days joshtriplett Fix the generator example for `pin!()` mbartlett21 joshtriplett S-waiting-on-review, T-libs 2022-05-04
96043 18 days wesleywiser Add Finalize statement to make deaggregation "reversible" by storing all information in MIR oli-obk wesleywiser T-compiler, S-waiting-on-review, perf-regression 2022-05-05
94063 17 days Aaron1011 [DO NOT MERGE] Only apply `ProceduralMasquerade` hack to older versions of `rental` Aaron1011 lcnr T-compiler, S-waiting-on-author 2022-05-05
95836 17 days workingjubilee Use rust_out{target_exe_suffix} for doctests workingjubilee notriddle T-rustdoc, S-waiting-on-author 2022-05-05
93873 17 days m-ou-se Reimplement `carrying_add` and `borrowing_sub` for signed integers. Stovent m-ou-se T-libs-api, S-waiting-on-review 2022-05-05
95916 17 days kennytm kmc-solid: Use `libc::abort` to abort a program kawadakk kennytm S-waiting-on-review 2022-05-06
96071 17 days gilescope Int parsing optimisations (part 2) gilescope scottmcm S-waiting-on-author, T-libs 2022-05-06
96768 16 days kennytm Use futex based locks and thread parker on Fuchsia. m-ou-se kennytm A-concurrency, S-waiting-on-review, O-fuchsia, T-libs 2022-05-06
85993 16 days Aaron1011 Remove all json handling from rustc_serialize bjorn3 Aaron1011 T-compiler, S-waiting-on-review, perf-regression 2022-05-06
96033 16 days yaahc Add section on common message styles for Result::expect yaahc scottmcm S-waiting-on-author, T-libs 2022-05-06
86038 16 days cjgillot Move DepKind and query TLS to rustc_query_system cjgillot Mark-Simulacrum T-compiler, S-waiting-on-author, A-query-system, perf-regression 2022-05-07
96680 15 days GuillaumeGomez Render all trait bounds in where clauses in rustdoc cjgillot GuillaumeGomez T-rustdoc, S-waiting-on-review 2022-05-07
95138 15 days tromey Re-enable some gdb tests tromey Mark-Simulacrum S-waiting-on-author 2022-05-07
88936 15 days estebank Suggest using `Arc` on `!Send`/`!Sync` types estebank nagisa T-compiler, S-waiting-on-author 2022-05-07
96711 15 days nikic slice: #[inline] a couple iterator methods. emilio nikic S-waiting-on-review, T-libs 2022-05-07
94467 15 days ibraheemdev Add `special_module_name` lint ibraheemdev pnkfelix T-compiler, S-waiting-on-author 2022-05-08
95786 15 days joshtriplett Abort if `NtWriteFile` cannot be imported ChrisDenton joshtriplett S-waiting-on-review 2022-05-08
95385 15 days kennytm Add `mem::conjure_zst` for creating ZSTs out of nothing scottmcm kennytm T-libs-api, S-waiting-on-review 2022-05-08
95851 15 days m-ou-se Add clarifying context to the most confusing pointer APIs Gankra m-ou-se S-waiting-on-review 2022-05-08
89518 15 days joshtriplett Add vectored positioned I/O on Unix a1phyr joshtriplett T-libs-api, S-waiting-on-review 2022-05-08
87173 15 days m-ou-se unstable proc_macro tracked::* rename/restructure drahnr m-ou-se T-libs-api, S-waiting-on-review 2022-05-08
91648 15 days joshtriplett Implement `core::future::lazy` ibraheemdev joshtriplett T-libs-api, S-waiting-on-review 2022-05-08
87620 15 days kennytm io: Add the Peek trait LinkTed kennytm T-libs-api, S-waiting-on-review 2022-05-08
94820 15 days m-ou-se Move Windows keyless TLS dtor into TLS callback module ChrisDenton m-ou-se S-waiting-on-review 2022-05-08
94855 15 days kennytm Panic when advance_slices()'ing too far and update docs. m-ou-se kennytm T-libs-api, S-waiting-on-review, A-io 2022-05-08
92365 15 days Future deprecation of `env::{set, remove}_var` jhpratt kennytm T-libs-api, S-blocked 2022-05-08
94619 15 days Introduce unsafe methods for mutating environment jhpratt joshtriplett C-feature-request, S-blocked, T-libs 2022-05-08
95446 15 days notseanray update CPU usage script notseanray Mark-Simulacrum S-waiting-on-author 2022-05-08
85728 14 days nodakai bootstrap: make cmake executable configurable with config.toml nodakai Mark-Simulacrum A-rustbuild, S-waiting-on-author 2022-05-08
85158 14 days wesleywiser Mir-Opt for copying enums with large discrepancies JulianKnodt wesleywiser T-compiler, S-waiting-on-review, A-mir-opt, perf-regression 2022-05-09
91793 14 days joshtriplett socket ancillary data implementation for FreeBSD (from 13 and above). devnexen joshtriplett O-freebsd, S-waiting-on-review, T-libs 2022-05-09
96290 14 days m-ou-se Make libtest logfile respect --format felipeamp m-ou-se T-libs-api, S-waiting-on-review 2022-05-09
89238 13 days workingjubilee deprecate f{32,64}::DIGITS workingjubilee m-ou-se T-libs-api, S-waiting-on-author, proposed-final-comment-period, disposition-merge, needs-fcp, A-floating-point 2022-05-09
94488 13 days m-ou-se Document that Display entails ToString and should be lossless and infallible JKAnderson409 m-ou-se T-libs-api, S-waiting-on-review 2022-05-09
96875 13 days m-ou-se Add `task::Waker::noop` SabrinaJewson m-ou-se T-libs-api, S-waiting-on-review, T-libs 2022-05-09
83608 13 days m-ou-se Add slice methods for indexing via an array of indices. Kimundi m-ou-se T-libs-api, S-waiting-on-review 2022-05-09
96584 13 days Fix `x setup -h -v` should work bentongxyz Mark-Simulacrum C-cleanup, A-rustbuild, S-blocked 2022-05-09
95317 13 days m-ou-se Add `round_ties_even` to `f32` and `f64` Jules-Bertholet m-ou-se T-libs-api, T-compiler, S-waiting-on-review 2022-05-09
96840 13 days cjgillot WIP: Allow to feed a value in another query's cache cjgillot T-rustdoc, T-compiler, S-waiting-on-author 2022-05-09
93563 12 days Amanieu Merge crossbeam-channel into `std::sync::mpsc` ibraheemdev Amanieu T-libs-api, S-waiting-on-review 2022-05-10
96588 12 days steffahn Change destructuring assignment lowering to use `match`. steffahn oli-obk T-compiler, S-waiting-on-author 2022-05-10
78802 12 days Implement network primitives with ideal Rust layout, not C system layout faern T-libs-api, S-blocked 2022-05-10
96843 12 days [Experiment] Use stackful generator for typeck to workaround `WithOptConstParam` nbdd0121 T-compiler, S-waiting-on-review, perf-regression 2022-05-10
96742 12 days kennytm Disable unix::net::ancillary on BSD. m-ou-se kennytm S-waiting-on-review, T-libs 2022-05-10
96842 12 days Re-enable nvptx tests kjetilkjeka nagisa O-NVPTX, S-blocked 2022-05-10
93668 12 days joshtriplett Reduce CString allocations in std as much as possible SUPERCILEX joshtriplett S-waiting-on-review, T-libs, perf-regression 2022-05-10
96737 12 days wesleywiser Add Windows application manifest to rustc-main ChrisDenton wesleywiser T-compiler, S-waiting-on-review 2022-05-10
96918 12 days compiler-errors Print type of every call in a method call chain estebank compiler-errors T-compiler, S-waiting-on-review 2022-05-10
93765 12 days m-ou-se Optimize heapsort zhangyunhao116 m-ou-se S-waiting-on-review, T-libs 2022-05-11
93565 11 days kennytm impl Try for ExitStatus ratmice kennytm S-waiting-on-review, needs-fcp, T-libs 2022-05-11
93718 11 days pnkfelix Only compile #[used] as llvm.compiler.used for ELF targets thomcc pnkfelix T-compiler, S-waiting-on-review 2022-05-11
95543 11 days cjgillot Memory-map the dep-graph instead of reading it up front cjgillot michaelwoerister T-compiler, S-waiting-on-author, perf-regression 2022-05-11
86844 11 days bjorn3 Support #[global_allocator] without the allocator shim bjorn3 pnkfelix A-linkage, A-allocators, T-lang, T-compiler, S-waiting-on-author 2022-05-11
94786 11 days joshlf Document NonZeroXxx layout guarantees joshlf joshtriplett T-libs-api, S-waiting-on-author, proposed-final-comment-period, disposition-merge 2022-05-11
95548 11 days tmiasko Improve LLVM CFI support in the Rust compiler rcvalle tmiasko T-compiler, S-waiting-on-review 2022-05-11
96837 11 days tmiasko Use `fcntl(fd, F_GETFD)` to detect if standard streams are open tmiasko joshtriplett T-compiler, S-waiting-on-author, T-libs 2022-05-11
94455 11 days joshtriplett Stabilize `int_roundings` jhpratt joshtriplett T-libs-api, S-waiting-on-review 2022-05-11
95290 11 days Document that `OsString` and `OsStr` are bytes; provide conversions to bytes joshtriplett T-libs-api, I-libs-api-nominated 2022-05-11
96960 11 days m-ou-se Inline BuildHasherDefault<DefaultHasher>::build_hasher goffrie m-ou-se S-waiting-on-review, T-libs 2022-05-11
78515 11 days dtolnay Switchable buffering for Stdout Lucretiel dtolnay T-libs-api, S-waiting-on-review, A-io 2022-05-12
96451 11 days JakobDegen Fix Dest Prop JakobDegen tmiasko T-compiler, S-waiting-on-review, S-waiting-on-author, A-mir-opt, perf-regression 2022-05-12
96950 10 days Add regression test for #96395 JohnTitor oli-obk T-compiler, S-blocked 2022-05-12
96025 10 days [crater] Try enabling `-Zgcc-ld=lld` lqd T-compiler, S-waiting-on-review 2022-05-12
96798 10 days [wip] Fix `x test clippy --stage 0` jyn514 Mark-Simulacrum A-rustbuild, S-blocked, A-clippy 2022-05-12
95025 10 days Implement #[deprecated_safe] skippy10110 estebank T-compiler, S-blocked, perf-regression 2022-05-12
96077 10 days fee1-dead [WIP] Replace `#[default_method_body_is_const]` with `#[const_trait]` fee1-dead oli-obk T-rustdoc, T-compiler, S-waiting-on-author, T-libs 2022-05-12
96727 10 days lcnr Remove opaque types from typeck expectations oli-obk lcnr T-compiler, S-waiting-on-review 2022-05-12
96979 10 days joshtriplett Add `Waker::update` SabrinaJewson joshtriplett T-libs-api, S-waiting-on-review, T-libs 2022-05-12
95850 10 days nagisa Only tag data if debug assertions are enabled. cjgillot nagisa T-compiler, S-waiting-on-review 2022-05-12
96518 10 days ijackson Document panic and format edition/verions, and improve xrefs ijackson scottmcm S-waiting-on-author, T-libs 2022-05-13
91998 9 days m-ou-se Specialize count and len in ExactSizeIterator implementations ssomers m-ou-se S-waiting-on-review, T-libs 2022-05-13
95211 9 days compiler-errors Improve parser diagnostics terrarier2111 compiler-errors T-compiler, S-waiting-on-review 2022-05-13
95967 9 days joshtriplett Add explicit-endian String::from_utf16 variants CAD97 joshtriplett T-libs-api, S-waiting-on-review 2022-05-13
96955 9 days Aaron1011 Remove (transitive) reliance on sorting by DefId in pretty-printer Aaron1011 petrochenkov T-compiler, S-waiting-on-author 2022-05-13
97026 9 days scottmcm Change orderings of `Debug` for the Atomic types to `Relaxed`. Nilstrieb scottmcm S-waiting-on-review, T-libs 2022-05-13
96591 9 days b-naber Use valtrees as the type-system representation for constant values b-naber oli-obk T-compiler, S-waiting-on-author, perf-regression 2022-05-13
91970 9 days scottmcm Add the Provider api to core::any nrc scottmcm T-libs-api, S-waiting-on-review, A-error-handling, PG-error-handling 2022-05-14
92233 9 days pierwill Remove ordering traits from `HirId` pierwill cjgillot T-compiler, S-waiting-on-author 2022-05-14
92213 9 days poliorcetics Add unstable `Vec::try_with_capacity(_in)` poliorcetics joshtriplett S-waiting-on-author 2022-05-14
96732 8 days Kobzol [don't merge] See what happens if we run PGO on Apple Kobzol lqd O-macos, S-waiting-on-author 2022-05-14
96334 8 days devnexen socket `set_mark` addition. devnexen dtolnay T-libs-api, S-waiting-on-author 2022-05-14
95164 8 days fee1-dead unify bootstrap and shim binaries fee1-dead Mark-Simulacrum S-waiting-on-author 2022-05-14
96789 8 days lcnr change `ConstInt` impl to not rely on `ScalarInt` lcnr oli-obk T-compiler, S-waiting-on-author 2022-05-15
95137 8 days canndrew WIP: Allow generators to impl Clone/Copy canndrew oli-obk T-compiler, S-waiting-on-author 2022-05-15
97037 8 days joshtriplett Allow `test` to be built with build-std jschwe joshtriplett S-waiting-on-review, T-libs 2022-05-15
97058 7 days nagisa Various refactors to the incr comp workproduct handling bjorn3 nagisa C-cleanup, A-codegen, T-compiler, S-waiting-on-review 2022-05-15
96298 7 days m-ou-se libcore: Add `iter::from_generator` which is like `iter::from_fn`, but for coroutines instead of functions petrochenkov m-ou-se T-libs-api, T-compiler, S-waiting-on-review 2022-05-15
96922 7 days Kobzol [WIP] Apply latest PGO artifacts to CI dist builds Kobzol Mark-Simulacrum S-waiting-on-author 2022-05-15
80149 7 days Use getrandom for generating HashMap seed newpavlov m-ou-se S-blocked, T-libs 2022-05-15
86056 7 days Remove some eval_always cjgillot Aaron1011 T-compiler, S-blocked, A-query-system, perf-regression 2022-05-15
86801 7 days Abort in panic_abort eh_personality bjorn3 cuviper T-compiler, S-blocked, F-c_unwind 2022-05-15
88154 7 days Add `core::ops::GeneratorState::{is_yielded,is_complete}` methods yoshuawuyts m-ou-se T-libs-api, S-blocked 2022-05-15
89660 7 days [Experiment] Force to generate drop glue of ADT locally csmoe T-compiler, S-experimental, perf-regression 2022-05-15
91051 6 days ijackson str::lines and BufRead::lines: document trailing bare cr behaviour ijackson m-ou-se S-waiting-on-author, T-libs 2022-05-16
87420 6 days m-ou-se Mutate command args cehteh m-ou-se T-libs-api, S-waiting-on-review 2022-05-16
95118 6 days yaahc Implement stabilization of `#[feature(io_safety)]`. sunfishcode yaahc S-waiting-on-review, T-libs 2022-05-16
96971 6 days wesleywiser Initial support for loongarch64_unknown_linux_gnu zhaixiaojuan wesleywiser T-compiler, S-waiting-on-review 2022-05-16
95545 6 days jonhoo Build LLVM with support for compression jonhoo joshtriplett S-waiting-on-author 2022-05-16
94381 6 days Kobzol [WIP] Use BOLT in CI to optimize LLVM Kobzol Mark-Simulacrum S-waiting-on-author 2022-05-16
96894 6 days Apply track_caller to closure on `expect_non_local()` JohnTitor petrochenkov T-compiler, S-blocked 2022-05-16
95398 6 days compiler-errors Add query to check for impossible predicates, use it to skip `NoopMethodCall` and `Inline` compiler-errors jackh726 T-compiler, S-waiting-on-author, perf-regression 2022-05-16
96935 6 days dtolnay Allow arithmetic and certain bitwise ops on AtomicPtr thomcc dtolnay T-libs-api, T-compiler, S-waiting-on-review 2022-05-16
96092 6 days skippy10110 Add a new linting pass for obligations skippy10110 jackh726 T-compiler, S-waiting-on-author, T-libs, S-experimental 2022-05-17
95051 5 days joshtriplett vec: add try_* methods and a try_vec! macro to make Vec usable in without infallible allocation methods dpaoliello joshtriplett T-libs-api, S-waiting-on-review, perf-regression, perf-regression-triaged 2022-05-17
97112 5 days joshtriplett optimize Option::insert if it's `Some` SparrowLii joshtriplett S-waiting-on-review, T-libs 2022-05-17
94857 5 days petrochenkov [WIP] rustdoc: Stop cloning name resolver petrochenkov camelid T-rustdoc, T-compiler, S-waiting-on-author, perf-regression 2022-05-17
94640 5 days Partially stabilize `(const_)slice_ptr_len` feature by stabilizing `NonNull::len` Pointerbender yaahc T-libs-api, final-comment-period, disposition-merge, needs-fcp, S-waiting-on-fcp 2022-05-17
93809 5 days bstrie Make naked functions incompatible with certain attributes bstrie jackh726 T-compiler, S-waiting-on-author 2022-05-17
94012 5 days cormacrelf Change desugaring of let-else to ensure temporary is dropped earlier cormacrelf pnkfelix T-compiler, S-waiting-on-author 2022-05-17
94988 5 days compiler-errors Support multiple unstable attributes on items compiler-errors cjgillot T-rustdoc, T-compiler, S-waiting-on-author 2022-05-17
93529 5 days CraftSpider [rustdoc-json] Make enum tuple variants match tuple structs CraftSpider jsha T-rustdoc, S-waiting-on-author, A-rustdoc-json 2022-05-17
96964 5 days compiler-errors Replace `#[default_method_body_is_const]` with `#[const_trait]` oli-obk compiler-errors T-rustdoc, T-compiler, S-waiting-on-review, T-libs 2022-05-17
95685 5 days cbiffle Revert "Work around invalid DWARF bugs for fat LTO" cbiffle pnkfelix T-compiler, S-waiting-on-author 2022-05-17
86822 5 days eddyb reduce RPC overhead for common proc_macro operations mystor eddyb T-compiler, S-waiting-on-review, S-blocked, perf-regression 2022-05-17
97034 5 days m-ou-se Implement `Hash` for `core::alloc::Layout` fee1-dead m-ou-se T-libs-api, final-comment-period, S-waiting-on-review, disposition-merge, needs-fcp 2022-05-18
97130 5 days CraftSpider rustdoc: avoid including impl blocks with filled-in generics notriddle CraftSpider T-rustdoc, S-waiting-on-review 2022-05-18
96795 5 days wesleywiser Perf-Testing: Cleanups for perf regression caused by initial implementation of RFC 3191 ridwanabdillahi wesleywiser T-compiler, S-waiting-on-review 2022-05-18
96869 5 days joshtriplett Optimize `Wtf8Buf::into_string` for the case where it contains UTF-8. sunfishcode joshtriplett S-waiting-on-review, T-libs 2022-05-18
93537 5 days jsha Allow source link to wrap onto next line jsha GuillaumeGomez T-rustdoc, S-waiting-on-author, A-rustdoc-ui 2022-05-18
97086 5 days Report unsafe for overriding link sections 5225225 davidtwco T-compiler, S-waiting-on-crater 2022-05-18
97134 5 days joshtriplett add file_suffix method to std::path EvanCarroll joshtriplett S-waiting-on-review, T-libs 2022-05-18
97089 4 days jsha Improve settings theme display GuillaumeGomez jsha T-rustdoc, S-waiting-on-review, A-rustdoc-ui, A-rustdoc-js 2022-05-18
94421 4 days conradludgate replace RawVec with Boxed slice conradludgate S-waiting-on-author, T-libs 2022-05-18
96513 4 days joshtriplett Provide fnptr impls for extern "system" CAD97 joshtriplett T-libs-api, S-waiting-on-review 2022-05-18
97141 4 days joshtriplett Allow `unused_macro_rules` in path tests (backport to beta) raoulstrackx joshtriplett S-waiting-on-review, T-libs 2022-05-18
96978 4 days lqd [DO NOT MERGE] Try to generate an LLVM PGO profile on windows lqd S-waiting-on-author 2022-05-18
96285 4 days flip1995 Introduce `-Cvirtual-function-elimination` codegen flag flip1995 nagisa T-compiler, S-waiting-on-author 2022-05-18
96544 4 days cjgillot Stop keeping metadata in memory before writing it to disk m-ysk cjgillot T-compiler, S-waiting-on-review 2022-05-18
96881 4 days dtolnay Implement [OsStr]::join est31 dtolnay T-libs-api, final-comment-period, S-waiting-on-review, disposition-merge, needs-fcp 2022-05-18
96482 4 days estebank Add Output = expected type trait obligation for known binary operators willcrichton estebank T-compiler, S-waiting-on-review 2022-05-18
93044 4 days Add forwarding impls for Read, Write, Seek to Arc, Rc eholk m-ou-se T-libs-api, needs-fcp, S-waiting-on-fcp 2022-05-18
97149 4 days dtolnay Windows: `CommandExt::async_pipes` ChrisDenton dtolnay O-windows, T-libs-api, S-waiting-on-review, A-process 2022-05-18
94247 4 days saethlin Fix slice::ChunksMut aliasing saethlin the8472 S-waiting-on-author, S-blocked, T-libs 2022-05-18
97118 4 days kennytm speed up parsing for short ipv4s in std::net::Ipv4Addr::from_str nkconnor kennytm S-waiting-on-review, T-libs 2022-05-18
95956 4 days cjgillot Support unstable moves via stable in unstable items yaahc cjgillot T-compiler, S-waiting-on-crater, S-waiting-on-review 2022-05-18
94954 4 days yaahc Extend ptr::null and null_mut to all thin (including extern) types SimonSapin yaahc T-libs-api, S-waiting-on-review, disposition-merge, finished-final-comment-period, to-announce 2022-05-18
97004 4 days eddyb Proc macro tweaks nnethercote eddyb T-compiler, S-waiting-on-review 2022-05-19
97085 4 days wesleywiser Add a test for issue #33172 rylev wesleywiser S-waiting-on-review 2022-05-19
96991 4 days JulianKnodt Add dataflow analysis of enum variants JulianKnodt nagisa T-compiler, S-waiting-on-review, S-waiting-on-author, perf-regression 2022-05-19
97132 4 days estebank change `remap` from `FxHashSet` to `IndexVec` in `StateTransform` mir-opt SparrowLii estebank T-compiler, S-waiting-on-review 2022-05-19
95929 4 days m-ou-se Implement `Borrow` and `BorrowMut` for `Vec`s with `Allocator`s SparkyPotato m-ou-se S-waiting-on-review 2022-05-19
88714 4 days hellow554 use CLOCK_BOOTTIME in Instant::now hellow554 joshtriplett relnotes, S-waiting-on-author, T-libs, A-time 2022-05-19
97166 4 days estebank Move conditions out of recover/report functions. nnethercote estebank T-compiler, S-waiting-on-review 2022-05-19
96856 4 days lcnr Fix ProjectionElem validation DrMeepster lcnr T-compiler, S-waiting-on-review 2022-05-19
95925 4 days joshtriplett Unlimit UNIX `remove_dir_all()` implementation (take 2) hkratz joshtriplett S-waiting-on-review, T-libs 2022-05-19
96862 3 days compiler-errors Change enum->int casts to not go through MIR casts. oli-obk compiler-errors T-lang, T-compiler, S-waiting-on-review, I-lang-nominated, I-compiler-nominated 2022-05-19
97025 3 days Add validation layer for Derefer ouz-a davidtwco T-compiler, S-waiting-on-crater 2022-05-19
95845 3 days eddyb TypeId: use a (v0) mangled type to remain sound in the face of hash collisions. eddyb lcnr T-compiler, S-waiting-on-review, S-waiting-on-author, perf-regression, perf-regression-triaged 2022-05-19
96790 3 days lqd Update jemalloc to v5.3 lqd T-compiler, S-waiting-on-review, S-waiting-on-author 2022-05-19
86119 3 days Aaron1011 [WIP] Introduce `SingletonCache` for use with ZST query keys Aaron1011 T-compiler, S-waiting-on-author 2022-05-19
92390 3 days Constify a few `(Partial)Ord` impls fee1-dead oli-obk S-blocked, const-hack, T-libs 2022-05-19
93080 3 days kennytm Implement `core::slice::IterMut::as_mut_slice` and `impl<T> AsMut<[T]> for IterMut<'_, T>` SkiFire13 kennytm S-waiting-on-review, T-libs 2022-05-19
93455 3 days m-ou-se Implement internal `IsZero` for Wrapping and Saturating for `Vec` optimizations asquared31415 m-ou-se S-waiting-on-review, T-libs 2022-05-19
93544 3 days vojtechkral Debug-format fat pointers with their metadata for better insight vojtechkral m-ou-se S-waiting-on-author, T-libs 2022-05-19
93604 3 days tmandry Use in-tree libunwind by default on Fuchsia tmandry Mark-Simulacrum S-waiting-on-author, T-infra 2022-05-19
93989 3 days dtolnay BTree: add split_off_range methods ssomers dtolnay S-waiting-on-review, T-libs 2022-05-19
94016 3 days Mizobrook-kan improve custom message format in assert_eq macro Mizobrook-kan yaahc S-waiting-on-author, T-libs 2022-05-19
94033 3 days joshtriplett Improve docs for `is_running` to explain use case and discourage busy-polling joshtriplett m-ou-se S-waiting-on-author, T-libs 2022-05-19
94413 3 days conradludgate array zip_map feature conradludgate m-ou-se S-waiting-on-author, T-libs 2022-05-19
94665 3 days SUPERCILEX Implement Write trait for MaybeUninit<u8> SUPERCILEX m-ou-se S-waiting-on-author, T-libs 2022-05-19
94813 3 days landaire remove hard dependency on Android NDK presence when performing `check` builds landaire Mark-Simulacrum S-waiting-on-author, T-libs 2022-05-19
97172 3 days compiler-errors Optimize the diagnostic generation for `extern unsafe` SparrowLii compiler-errors T-compiler, S-waiting-on-review 2022-05-19
95763 3 days lcnr [WIP] some mir typeck cleanup lcnr nikomatsakis T-compiler, S-waiting-on-author 2022-05-19
95611 3 days [WIP] reject more impossible trivial bounds (HRTBs and trivial after normalization) compiler-errors nikomatsakis T-compiler, S-experimental 2022-05-19
97081 3 days michaelwoerister Re-use the type op instead of calling the implied_outlives_bounds query directly oli-obk michaelwoerister T-compiler, S-waiting-on-review 2022-05-19
96238 3 days nikic Add EntryExistInstrumenterPass for -Z instrument-mcount to the pipeline manually for LLVM >= 13. luqmana nikic T-compiler, S-waiting-on-review 2022-05-19
97150 3 days m-ou-se `Stdio::makes_pipe` ChrisDenton m-ou-se T-libs-api, S-waiting-on-review, A-process 2022-05-19
97182 3 days [do not merge] Tweak `TokenStream`'s `PartialEq` and `HashStable` impls klensy T-compiler 2022-05-19
95632 3 days m-ou-se impl Read and Write for VecDeque<u8> evanrichter m-ou-se T-libs-api, final-comment-period, S-waiting-on-review, disposition-merge, needs-fcp 2022-05-19
96784 3 days Mark-Simulacrum Improve the COPYRIGHT file and include mention of rustc_apfloat wesleywiser Mark-Simulacrum S-waiting-on-review 2022-05-19
95818 3 days Stabilize the `bundle` native library modifier petrochenkov estebank T-compiler, final-comment-period, S-waiting-on-team, disposition-merge 2022-05-19
96186 3 days joshtriplett add CString::from_vec_until_nul ericseppanen joshtriplett T-libs-api, S-waiting-on-review 2022-05-19
95394 3 days Xuanwo std: Add capacity guarantees notes for OsString Xuanwo dtolnay T-libs-api, S-waiting-on-author, needs-fcp 2022-05-20
95977 3 days joshtriplett Warn about dead tuple struct fields FabianWolff joshtriplett T-rustdoc, T-compiler, S-waiting-on-review, I-lang-nominated 2022-05-20
92658 3 days camelid rustdoc: Merge `method` and `tymethod` URL fragments and sections camelid GuillaumeGomez T-rustdoc, S-waiting-on-author 2022-05-20
96820 3 days m-ou-se Make RwLockReadGuard covariant r-raymond m-ou-se T-libs-api, S-waiting-on-review, disposition-merge, finished-final-comment-period, to-announce 2022-05-20
97137 2 days Mark-Simulacrum Add PID to LLVM PGO profile path Kobzol Mark-Simulacrum S-waiting-on-review 2022-05-20
97028 2 days michaelwoerister Add support for embedding pretty printers via `#[debugger_visualizer]` attribute ridwanabdillahi michaelwoerister T-compiler, S-waiting-on-review 2022-05-20
89676 2 days Greatly improve rustdoc xpath checks GuillaumeGomez camelid T-rustdoc, S-waiting-on-team, T-infra, S-waiting-on-bikeshed 2022-05-20
97140 2 days m-ou-se std: use an event-flag-based thread parker on SOLID joboet m-ou-se S-waiting-on-review, T-libs 2022-05-20
97207 2 days Mark-Simulacrum update libbacktrace RalfJung Mark-Simulacrum S-waiting-on-review 2022-05-20
97216 2 days estebank Ensure we never consider the null pointer dereferencable RalfJung estebank T-compiler, S-waiting-on-review 2022-05-20
97121 2 days davidtwco Avoid double binding of subdiagnostics inside `#[derive(SessionDiagnostic)]` pvdrz davidtwco T-compiler, S-waiting-on-review 2022-05-20
95026 2 days Increase the minimum linux-gnu versions cuviper pietroalbini T-compiler, S-waiting-on-team, proposed-final-comment-period, T-release, disposition-merge, needs-fcp 2022-05-20
90488 2 days nbdd0121 More powerful const panic nbdd0121 oli-obk T-compiler, S-waiting-on-author, A-const-eval, perf-regression 2022-05-20
96496 2 days dtolnay Implement RFC-2011 (Nicer `assert!` messages) c410-f3r dtolnay T-compiler, S-waiting-on-review, S-waiting-on-perf, T-libs 2022-05-20
89862 2 days lcnr rewrite error handling for unresolved inference vars lcnr estebank T-compiler, S-waiting-on-author 2022-05-20
97210 2 days Mark-Simulacrum Support `-A`, `-W`, `-D` and `-F` when running `./ clippy` Milo123459 Mark-Simulacrum S-waiting-on-review 2022-05-20
97120 2 days Kobzol Update `rustc` PGO benchmark list Kobzol Mark-Simulacrum S-waiting-on-review, S-waiting-on-author 2022-05-20
94647 2 days joshtriplett Expose `get_many_mut` and `get_many_unchecked_mut` to HashMap Urgau joshtriplett T-libs-api, S-waiting-on-review 2022-05-20
83322 2 days cjgillot Directly save a byte representation of the dep-graph and work-product index cjgillot michaelwoerister T-compiler, S-waiting-on-author, S-blocked, perf-regression 2022-05-20
97052 2 days michaelwoerister Implement pointee metadata unsizing via a JustMetadata<T> container CAD97 michaelwoerister T-lang, T-libs-api, T-compiler, S-waiting-on-review 2022-05-20
90545 2 days m-ou-se Implement a faster stable sort algorithm wpwoodjr m-ou-se S-waiting-on-review, T-libs, perf-regression 2022-05-21
96912 2 days BoxyUwU [WIP] emit `ProjectionPredicate` obligations when relating projections BoxyUwU T-compiler, S-waiting-on-author 2022-05-21
96607 2 days saethlin #94421 (replace RawVec with Boxed slice) plus soundness fixes saethlin S-waiting-on-author, T-libs 2022-05-21
96296 2 days Remove label/lifetime shadowing warnings cjgillot petrochenkov T-lang, T-compiler, final-comment-period, S-waiting-on-team, disposition-merge 2022-05-21
96957 2 days wesleywiser Stop errorring for elided lifetimes in path. cjgillot wesleywiser T-compiler, S-waiting-on-review 2022-05-21
96324 1 day berendjan Add setter and getter for TCP_QUICKACK on TcpStream for Linux berendjan dtolnay T-libs-api, S-waiting-on-author 2022-05-21
88831 1 day notriddle Fix `rustdoc` argument error inashivb notriddle T-rustdoc, T-compiler, S-waiting-on-review 2022-05-21
92273 1 day CraftSpider rustdoc: allow moving methods from deref below trait impls via a new unstable command line argument slightlyoutofphase CraftSpider T-rustdoc, S-waiting-on-review, needs-fcp 2022-05-21
92648 1 day Swatinem Allow remap-path-prefix in rustdoc Swatinem GuillaumeGomez T-rustdoc, S-waiting-on-author 2022-05-21
97240 1 day TaKO8Ki Typo suggestion for a variable with a name similar to struct fields TaKO8Ki compiler-errors T-compiler, S-waiting-on-author 2022-05-21
93628 1 day est31 Stabilize `let else` est31 jackh726 T-rustdoc, T-lang, relnotes, S-waiting-on-author, proposed-final-comment-period, disposition-merge, needs-fcp, S-waiting-on-fcp 2022-05-21
94181 1 day csmoe do not emit .debug_pubnames .debug_pubtypes on Linux csmoe petrochenkov T-compiler, S-waiting-on-author 2022-05-21
94289 1 day GuillaumeGomez Fix rustdoc const display GuillaumeGomez camelid T-rustdoc, S-waiting-on-author 2022-05-21
94904 1 day conradludgate doc(notable_trait) for impls conradludgate GuillaumeGomez T-rustdoc, S-waiting-on-author 2022-05-21
94962 1 day petrochenkov [WIP] rustc: Reimplement native library overriding and reordering petrochenkov T-compiler, S-waiting-on-author 2022-05-21
95635 1 day davidtwco sess: stabilize `--terminal-width` davidtwco oli-obk T-rustdoc, T-compiler, S-waiting-on-author, S-waiting-on-fcp 2022-05-21
95950 1 day Jules-Bertholet Disable unwinding for emscripten again Jules-Bertholet nagisa T-compiler, S-waiting-on-author 2022-05-21
96271 1 day estebank suggest `?` when method is missing on `Result<T, _>` but found on `T` compiler-errors estebank T-compiler, S-waiting-on-review 2022-05-21
96401 1 day lqd Implement `-Zgcc-ld=lld` stabilization MCP lqd T-compiler, S-waiting-on-author 2022-05-21
96573 1 day GuillaumeGomez add `no_compile` doctest attribute CAD97 GuillaumeGomez T-rustdoc, S-waiting-on-review 2022-05-21
96652 1 day camelid rustdoc: include impl generics / self in search index notriddle camelid T-rustdoc, S-waiting-on-review 2022-05-21
96839 1 day jackh726 Suggest similar names for types m-ysk jackh726 T-compiler, S-waiting-on-review 2022-05-21
96724 1 day nnethercote Remove `NtExpr`. nnethercote petrochenkov T-compiler, S-waiting-on-author 2022-05-21
97214 1 day Mark-Simulacrum Finish bumping stage0 Mark-Simulacrum pietroalbini T-compiler, S-waiting-on-author, T-libs 2022-05-21
94678 1 day joshtriplett add methods to TCP and UDP sockets to modify hop limit kckeiks joshtriplett T-libs-api, S-waiting-on-review 2022-05-21
95376 1 day dtolnay Add `vec::Drain{,Filter}::keep_rest` WaffleLapkin dtolnay T-libs-api, S-waiting-on-review 2022-05-21
93700 1 day m-ou-se Add `Iterator::next_chunk` rossmacarthur m-ou-se T-libs-api, S-waiting-on-review, perf-regression 2022-05-21
97176 1 day m-ou-se More verbose `Debug` implementation of `std::process:Command` kraktus m-ou-se S-waiting-on-review, T-libs 2022-05-21
91264 1 day jsha Add macro support in jump to definition feature GuillaumeGomez jsha T-rustdoc, S-waiting-on-review, A-rustdoc-ui 2022-05-21
96604 1 day [WIP] Add `optimized_to_const` intrinsic nbdd0121 T-compiler, T-libs 2022-05-21
96533 1 day notriddle rustdoc: Create an attribute version of `--extern-html-root-url` GuillaumeGomez notriddle T-rustdoc, S-waiting-on-review 2022-05-21
96864 1 day notriddle Create Item::full_name method to include name of reexports GuillaumeGomez notriddle T-rustdoc, S-waiting-on-review, S-waiting-on-bikeshed 2022-05-21
94075 1 day eddyb Use niche-filling optimization even when multiple variants have data. mikebenfield eddyb T-compiler, relnotes, S-waiting-on-review, perf-regression 2022-05-21
96946 1 day joshtriplett Add pointer masking convenience functions WaffleLapkin joshtriplett T-libs-api, T-compiler, S-waiting-on-review 2022-05-21
97066 1 day camelid rustdoc: Remove `ItemFragment(Kind)` petrochenkov camelid T-rustdoc, S-waiting-on-review 2022-05-21
97249 1 day jsha `<details>`/`<summary>` UI fixes GuillaumeGomez jsha T-rustdoc, S-waiting-on-review, A-rustdoc-ui 2022-05-21
97178 1 day Mark-Simulacrum Add a `BorrowedFd::try_clone_to_owned` and accompanying documentation sunfishcode Mark-Simulacrum T-libs-api, S-waiting-on-review 2022-05-21
95377 1 day oli-obk (Selectively) turn on validation in const eval saethlin oli-obk T-compiler, S-waiting-on-review, perf-regression 2022-05-21
94053 1 day GuillaumeGomez rustdoc: Remove fields_stripped fields (and equivalents) GuillaumeGomez notriddle T-rustdoc, S-waiting-on-author 2022-05-21
97154 1 day Kobzol [WIP] Use Thin LTO for compiling `rustc` in CI Kobzol T-compiler, S-waiting-on-author, S-waiting-on-perf, perf-regression 2022-05-21
97191 1 day ChrisDenton Call the OS function to set the main thread's name on program init wesleywiser ChrisDenton S-waiting-on-review, T-libs 2022-05-21
97038 1 day Kobzol Apply PGO to libstd on CI Kobzol Mark-Simulacrum T-compiler, S-waiting-on-review, S-waiting-on-author, perf-regression 2022-05-21
96884 1 day petrochenkov Implement unstable `-Clink-self-contained` values for MCP 510 lqd petrochenkov T-compiler, S-waiting-on-review 2022-05-21
97045 1 day wesleywiser proc_macro/bridge: remove `Closure`. eddyb wesleywiser S-waiting-on-review, perf-regression 2022-05-21
97153 1 day Kobzol [WIP] Try using call-site aware IR PGO for LLVM Kobzol S-waiting-on-review, S-waiting-on-author 2022-05-21
97202 1 day kennytm os str capacity documentation joshtriplett kennytm T-libs-api, S-waiting-on-review 2022-05-21
96913 1 day Urgau RFC3239: Implement `cfg(target)` - Part 2 Urgau petrochenkov T-compiler, S-waiting-on-author 2022-05-21
96827 1 day lqd Implement unstable `-Clinker-flavor=gcc:*` for MCP 510 lqd petrochenkov T-compiler, S-waiting-on-author 2022-05-21
95897 1 day kennytm STD support for the Nintendo 3DS AzureMarker kennytm S-waiting-on-review, T-libs 2022-05-22
97230 1 day Mark-Simulacrum Add Seek instance for io::Take wangbj Mark-Simulacrum S-waiting-on-review, T-libs 2022-05-22
96709 1 day nikomatsakis Stabilize generic associated types jackh726 nikomatsakis T-lang, T-compiler, S-waiting-on-review, F-generic_associated_types 2022-05-22
97261 1 day michaelwoerister Keep valid scalar ranges attached to newtypes when dealing with their inner field. luqmana michaelwoerister T-compiler, S-waiting-on-review 2022-05-22
88728 1 day orlp Added next_up and next_down for f32/f64. orlp yaahc T-libs-api, S-waiting-on-author 2022-05-22
95952 1 day m0w A simplified Rube Goldberg line m0w Mark-Simulacrum S-waiting-on-author 2022-05-22
96687 1 day Mark-Simulacrum Move download-rustc from python to rustbuild jyn514 Mark-Simulacrum S-waiting-on-review 2022-05-22
94136 1 day ibraheemdev Add `fs::append` ibraheemdev yaahc T-libs-api, S-waiting-on-author 2022-05-22
91121 1 day mattwilkinsonn io/os: Implement IsTerminal trait on Stdio mattwilkinsonn Amanieu T-libs-api, S-waiting-on-author 2022-05-22
93056 1 day LegionMammal978 Fix stack overflows when compiling high-`recursion_limit` programs LegionMammal978 wesleywiser T-compiler, S-waiting-on-author 2022-05-22
96763 1 day Abdur-rahmaanJ Fix maintainer validation message Abdur-rahmaanJ Mark-Simulacrum S-waiting-on-author 2022-05-22
89083 1 day asomers Upgrade the FreeBSD toolchain to version 12.2 asomers Mark-Simulacrum O-freebsd, S-waiting-on-author, T-infra 2022-05-22
96317 1 day name1e5s set has_thread_local=true for android name1e5s Amanieu T-compiler, S-waiting-on-author, T-libs 2022-05-22
93582 1 day WaffleLapkin Allow `impl Fn() -> impl Trait` in return position WaffleLapkin nikomatsakis T-compiler, S-waiting-on-author 2022-05-22
96537 1 day George-lewis Correct Fixes for Options and Results in Certain Contexts George-lewis petrochenkov T-compiler, S-waiting-on-author 2022-05-22
95982 1 day joshtriplett Change linux `std::process` to drop supplementary groups based on CAP_SETGID Elliot-Roberts joshtriplett S-waiting-on-review 2022-05-22
95985 1 day joshtriplett Add PhantomData marker to Context to make Context !Send and !Sync jihiggins joshtriplett T-libs-api, S-waiting-on-review 2022-05-22
96019 1 day m-ou-se modify next_code_point() to accept an Iterator<u8> instead of Iterator<&u8>. Old code that calls it invokes .copied() mutantbob m-ou-se S-waiting-on-review, T-libs 2022-05-22
97266 1 day lcnr Make weird name lints trigger behind cfg_attr est31 lcnr T-compiler, S-waiting-on-review 2022-05-22
95040 1 day joshtriplett protect `std::io::Take::limit` from overflow in `read` frank-king joshtriplett S-waiting-on-review, T-libs 2022-05-22
96129 1 day m-ou-se Document rounding for floating-point primitive operations and string parsing mattheww m-ou-se T-libs-api, S-waiting-on-review 2022-05-22
96173 1 day jmaargh Fix documentation for `with_capacity` and `reserve` families of methods jmaargh joshtriplett S-waiting-on-author, T-libs 2022-05-22
88731 1 day joshtriplett use openat when encountering ENAMETOOLONG the8472 joshtriplett O-linux, S-waiting-on-review, S-blocked, T-libs 2022-05-22
96501 1 day Mark-Simulacrum Pass all paths to `Step::run` at once when using `ShouldRun::krate` jyn514 Mark-Simulacrum A-rustbuild, S-waiting-on-review 2022-05-22
96021 1 day nnethercote Micro-optimize `InferCtxt::replace_bound_vars_with_placeholders` by avoiding unnecessary allocation martingms nnethercote T-compiler, S-waiting-on-review 2022-05-22
95948 1 day joshtriplett Improve the safety docs for `CStr` Nilstrieb joshtriplett S-waiting-on-review, T-libs 2022-05-22
95534 1 day joshtriplett Add `core::mem::copy` to complement `core::mem::drop`. jyn514 joshtriplett S-waiting-on-review 2022-05-22
95833 1 day kennytm std: `<ExitStatus as Display>::fmt` name the signal it died from notriddle kennytm S-waiting-on-review, T-libs 2022-05-22
86634 1 day kennytm Rework `Ipv6Addr::is_global` to check for global reachability rather than global scope CDirkx kennytm T-libs-api, S-waiting-on-review, A-io 2022-05-22
92930 1 day joshtriplett const Path initialisation conradludgate joshtriplett T-libs-api, S-waiting-on-review 2022-05-22
85528 1 day m-ou-se Implement iterator specialization traits on more adapters the8472 m-ou-se S-waiting-on-review, T-libs 2022-05-22
96859 1 day Fix spurious error when running `build --stage 2 compiler/rustc` jyn514 Mark-Simulacrum S-blocked 2022-05-22
95117 1 day m-ou-se Expand addr_of[_mut] UB documentation nicholasbishop m-ou-se S-waiting-on-review 2022-05-22
94800 1 day kennytm BTree: let method clear recycle root memory ssomers kennytm S-waiting-on-review, T-libs 2022-05-22
89891 1 day kennytm `alloc`: add unstable cfg features `no_rc` and `no_sync` ojeda kennytm T-libs-api, S-waiting-on-review 2022-05-22
95252 1 day m-ou-se Fix (A)Rc<[T]> slices larger than isize::MAX bytes when collecting from a TrustedLen iter the8472 m-ou-se S-waiting-on-review 2022-05-22
93225 1 day wesleywiser rustc_apfloat: Double::mul_add_r panic with specific values mjdr wesleywiser T-compiler, S-waiting-on-review, S-blocked 2022-05-22
95594 1 day m-ou-se Additional `*mut [T]` methods the8472 m-ou-se T-libs-api, S-waiting-on-review 2022-05-22
95644 1 day m-ou-se `Split*::as_str` refactor WaffleLapkin m-ou-se S-waiting-on-review 2022-05-22
95583 1 day joshtriplett Deprecate the unstable `ptr_to_from_bits` feature scottmcm joshtriplett T-libs-api, S-waiting-on-review 2022-05-22
97264 1 day estebank Suggest `extern crate foo` when failing to resolve `use foo` TaKO8Ki estebank T-compiler, S-waiting-on-review 2022-05-22
97269 1 day m-ou-se adjust transmute const stabilization version RalfJung m-ou-se S-waiting-on-review, T-libs 2022-05-22
95576 1 day DrMeepster Remove dereferencing of Box from codegen DrMeepster oli-obk T-compiler, S-waiting-on-review, S-waiting-on-author, perf-regression 2022-05-22
97077 1 day oli-obk Simplify some code that depend on Deref ouz-a oli-obk T-compiler, S-waiting-on-review 2022-05-22
92461 1 day Mark-Simulacrum Use const initializer for LOCAL_PANIC_COUNT bjorn3 Mark-Simulacrum S-waiting-on-review, A-thread-locals, T-libs 2022-05-22
91743 0 day oli-obk Enable MIR inlining cjgillot oli-obk T-compiler, S-waiting-on-review, A-mir-opt, A-mir-opt-inlining, perf-regression 2022-05-22
97183 0 day WIP: wf-check generators oli-obk T-compiler 2022-05-22
96478 0 day Aaron1011 Implement `#[rustc_default_body_unstable]` WaffleLapkin Aaron1011 T-compiler, S-waiting-on-review 2022-05-22
89123 0 day kennytm add Vec::push_within_capacity - fallible, does not allocate the8472 kennytm T-libs-api, S-waiting-on-review 2022-05-22
96046 0 day compiler-errors Move various checks to typeck so them failing causes the typeck result to get tainted oli-obk compiler-errors T-compiler, S-waiting-on-review 2022-05-22
97233 0 day scottmcm [RFC 2011] Library code c410-f3r scottmcm S-waiting-on-review, T-libs 2022-05-22
91765 0 day catap Introduce `RUSTC_STATIC_CLANG_RT_PATH` and `RUSTC_STATIC_UNWIND_PATH` envs catap Mark-Simulacrum T-compiler, S-waiting-on-author 2022-05-22
84087 0 day Stabilize const_cell_into_inner. m-ou-se joshtriplett T-libs-api, relnotes, S-blocked 2022-05-22
97276 0 day kennytm Stabilize `const_intrinsic_copy` JohnTitor kennytm T-compiler, S-waiting-on-review, T-libs 2022-05-22
93587 0 day bstrie Stabilize naked_functions bstrie davidtwco T-lang, T-compiler, S-waiting-on-author 2022-05-22
96551 0 day Mark-Simulacrum [compiletest] Ignore known paths when abbreviating output pietroalbini Mark-Simulacrum S-waiting-on-review 2022-05-22
93540 0 day jsha rustdoc: fix colors for top buttons and search box jsha GuillaumeGomez T-rustdoc, S-waiting-on-author, A-rustdoc-ui 2022-05-22
95474 0 day oli-obk Neither require nor imply lifetime bounds on opaque type for well formedness oli-obk jackh726 T-lang, relnotes, S-waiting-on-author, S-waiting-on-team, disposition-merge, S-waiting-on-perf, finished-final-comment-period, to-announce, I-lang-nominated 2022-05-22
95573 0 day michaelwoerister Make lowering a query cjgillot michaelwoerister T-rustdoc, T-compiler, S-waiting-on-review, perf-regression 2022-05-22
93717 0 day Mark-Simulacrum Add build metrics to rustbuild pietroalbini Mark-Simulacrum S-waiting-on-review, T-infra 2022-05-22
97271 0 day Add regression test for #91949 JohnTitor compiler-errors T-compiler, S-waiting-on-bors 2022-05-22
96814 0 day eddyb Fix repr(align) enum handling RalfJung eddyb T-compiler, S-waiting-on-review 2022-05-22
97254 0 day Remove feature: `crate` visibility modifier jhpratt cjgillot T-compiler, S-waiting-on-bors 2022-05-22
81642 0 day illicitonion Automatically implement AsRepr and allow deriving FromRepr for fieldless enums illicitonion jswrenn T-lang, T-libs-api, T-compiler, relnotes, S-waiting-on-author 2022-05-22
97046 0 day thomcc improve case conversion happy path conradludgate thomcc S-waiting-on-review, T-libs 2022-05-22
95243 0 day cjgillot Add Apple WatchOS compile targets vladimir-ea cjgillot T-compiler, S-waiting-on-review 2022-05-22
96909 0 day Urgau RFC3239: Implement `cfg(target)` - Part 1 Urgau petrochenkov T-compiler, S-waiting-on-author 2022-05-22
97288 0 day CraftSpider Lifetime variance fixes for rustdoc compiler-errors CraftSpider T-rustdoc, S-waiting-on-review 2022-05-22
97292 0 day davidtwco Lifetime variance fixes for rustc compiler-errors davidtwco T-compiler, S-waiting-on-review 2022-05-22
97289 0 day Mark-Simulacrum Lifetime variance fixes for clippy compiler-errors Mark-Simulacrum S-waiting-on-review 2022-05-22
97287 0 day [WIP] Move things to `rustc_type_ir` compiler-errors T-rustdoc, T-compiler 2022-05-22
97268 0 day Mark-Simulacrum Make "Assemble stage1 compiler" orders of magnitude faster (take 2) jyn514 Mark-Simulacrum S-waiting-on-review 2022-05-22
97195 0 day GuillaumeGomez rustdoc: shrink GenericArgs/PathSegment with boxed slices notriddle GuillaumeGomez T-rustdoc, T-compiler, S-waiting-on-review 2022-05-22
97295 0 day compiler-errors [rustc_parse] Forbid `let`s in certain places c410-f3r compiler-errors T-compiler, S-waiting-on-review 2022-05-22
97286 0 day notriddle Add new eslint rule to prevent whitespace before function call paren GuillaumeGomez notriddle T-rustdoc, S-waiting-on-review, A-rustdoc-js 2022-05-22
94927 0 day estebank Stabilize `let_chains` in Rust 1.62.0 c410-f3r estebank T-lang, S-waiting-on-review, proposed-final-comment-period, disposition-merge, finished-final-comment-period, I-lang-nominated 2022-05-22
96240 0 day joshtriplett Stabilize `const_ptr_offset_from`. fee1-dead joshtriplett T-lang, T-libs-api, S-waiting-on-review 2022-05-22
97290 0 day Mark-Simulacrum Turn on `fast_submodules` unconditionally jyn514 Mark-Simulacrum S-waiting-on-review 2022-05-22
97298 0 day davidtwco Parse expression after `else` as a condition if followed by `{` compiler-errors davidtwco T-compiler, S-waiting-on-review 2022-05-22
97235 0 day jackh726 Fix FFI-unwind unsoundness with mixed panic mode nbdd0121 jackh726 T-compiler, S-waiting-on-review, T-libs, F-c_unwind 2022-05-22
97229 0 day dtolnay Document the current aliasing rules for `Box<T>`. Nilstrieb dtolnay T-libs-api, S-waiting-on-review 2022-05-22
96098 0 day oli-obk Refactor call terminator to always include destination place JakobDegen oli-obk T-compiler, S-waiting-on-review 2022-05-22
97284 0 day estebank Add suggestion for relaxing static lifetime bounds on dyn trait impls in NLL b-naber estebank T-compiler, S-waiting-on-review 2022-05-22
97087 0 day Clarify slice and Vec iteration order Nilstrieb dtolnay T-libs-api, S-waiting-on-bors 2022-05-22
95953 0 day Modify MIR building to drop repeat expressions with length zero JakobDegen oli-obk T-lang, final-comment-period, disposition-merge, S-waiting-on-fcp 2022-05-23
95860 0 day joshtriplett Stabilize `$$` and `${ignore}` in Rust 1.62.0 c410-f3r joshtriplett A-macros, T-lang, S-waiting-on-review, disposition-merge, finished-final-comment-period, F-macro-metavar-expr, I-lang-nominated 2022-05-23
97291 0 day wesleywiser Split out the various responsibilities of `rustc_metadata::Lazy` compiler-errors wesleywiser T-compiler, S-waiting-on-review 2022-05-23
96745 0 day jackh726 Visit attributes in more places. ehuss jackh726 T-compiler, S-waiting-on-review 2022-05-23
97015 0 day std::io: migrate ReadBuf to BorrowBuf/BorrowCursor nrc T-libs-api 2022-05-23
96868 0 day nagisa Stabilize explicit_generic_args_with_impl_trait nrc nagisa T-lang, T-compiler, S-waiting-on-review, A-impl-trait 2022-05-23
97301 0 day lcnr Allow unstable items to be re-exported unstably without requiring the feature be enabled semicoleon lcnr T-compiler, S-waiting-on-review 2022-05-23
97293 0 day kennytm Add #[rustc_box] and use it inside alloc est31 kennytm T-compiler, S-waiting-on-review, T-libs 2022-05-23
97300 0 day dtolnay Implement `FusedIterator` for `std::net::[Into]Incoming` ChayimFriedman2 dtolnay T-libs-api, S-waiting-on-review, proposed-final-comment-period, disposition-merge 2022-05-23
96574 0 day m-ou-se Proof of concept: implement test ignore-by-panic CAD97 m-ou-se T-rustdoc, T-libs-api, S-waiting-on-review 2022-05-23
96110 0 day dtolnay Add u8::from_ascii_to_digit gimbles dtolnay T-libs-api, S-waiting-on-review, proposed-final-comment-period, disposition-close 2022-05-23
97272 0 day Mark-Simulacrum Disallow compare-mode=nll test differences jackh726 Mark-Simulacrum T-compiler, S-waiting-on-review 2022-05-23
97294 0 day std::time : fix variable name in the doc jersou m-ou-se S-waiting-on-bors, T-libs 2022-05-23
97168 0 day cjgillot omit `record_accesses` function when collecting `MonoItem`s SparrowLii cjgillot T-compiler, S-waiting-on-review 2022-05-23
92964 0 day Kampfkarren Implement Debug, Pointer, etc on function pointers for all stable calling conventions Kampfkarren dtolnay T-libs-api, S-waiting-on-author 2022-05-23
97303 0 day Fix some typos in arg checking algorithm compiler-errors jackh726 beta-nominated, T-compiler, S-waiting-on-bors 2022-05-23
96100 0 day Change `NonNull::as_uninit_*` to take self by value (as opposed to reference), matching primitive pointers. Raekye dtolnay T-libs-api, S-waiting-on-bors 2022-05-23
97302 0 day cjgillot Do writeback of Closure params before visiting the parent expression compiler-errors cjgillot T-compiler, S-waiting-on-review 2022-05-23
95565 0 day Remove migrate borrowck mode jackh726 T-lang, final-comment-period, S-waiting-on-review, disposition-merge 2022-05-23
97304 0 day Rollup of 5 pull requests Dylan-DPC T-compiler, S-waiting-on-bors, rollup, T-libs 2022-05-23
97297 0 day petrochenkov Move some tests to more reasonable places c410-f3r petrochenkov T-compiler, S-waiting-on-review 2022-05-23
97158 0 day tmiasko Split dead store elimination off dest prop JakobDegen tmiasko T-compiler, S-waiting-on-review, perf-regression 2022-05-23
97105 0 day lcnr Add tests for lint on type dependent on consts JulianKnodt lcnr T-compiler, S-waiting-on-review 2022-05-23
97023 0 day estebank Diagnose anonymous lifetimes errors more uniformly between async and regular fns cjgillot estebank T-compiler, S-waiting-on-review 2022-05-23
95214 0 day Mark-Simulacrum Remove impossible panic note from `Vec::append` tbu- Mark-Simulacrum S-waiting-on-review 2022-05-23
97136 0 day lcnr Improve fast rejection. nnethercote lcnr T-compiler, S-waiting-on-review 2022-05-23

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